Raison d'être

Life, purpose, and how to spend your time

By Jay Pinion

Sorry. This isn't going to be an article where I pretend to be some oracle of purpose and tell what to do with your life, because I've absolutely no idea. I just about know what I want to do with mine. But, if you're here, it means you're at least pondering the question, and that I can help you with.

First off, I think a congratulations is in order. You're one of the lucky few on this planet that's made it to the last two rungs of Maslov's Hierarchy of needs. You're one of the few that has the privilege to think about purpose or raison d'être (reason to be), and for that you should be grateful.

Of those who can, not everyone seems to make it this far up the ladder. For some it's just not a problem. For the longest time it wasn't for me, or at least I didn't realise it was.

I think the question of purpose is something most reasonably intelligence young adults will all face. Some people, who are incredibly mature and switched on in their teens, seem to ask themselves the question even earlier. The likes of Deepmind founder Demis Hassabis. Kudo's to them.

(rest coming soon...)