By Hugh Howey

This was a really good book. It kept me hooked and on edge for the entire duration of the story. This is the first sci-fi dystopian future book I've ever read, and it has really turned me on to the genre.

In short, it's about a small civilization that lives in an underground silo. They've been there for a very long time with little to no memory of the world before, apart from a few stories passed down through generations. They have a view of the outside world only through digital screens. No one leaves the silo unless they are sent to "cleaning" as punishment for a major infringement of the law. Those sent outside clean the cameras and sensors before walking off into the distance to their deaths.

The underground population has only a distant view of a destroyed city, as they lie at the base of a crater over which they cannot see.

Life is good until it's not, until the secrets of the silo and the cleaning become clear.